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StrengthTape - 5m Roll Precut - Beige

StrengthTape - 5m Roll Precut - Beige

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Provides Stability & Support Kinesiology tape supports muscles, joints and tendons. Ion Health Technology Infused With Negative Ions For Increased Energy & Health Benefits Easy To Apply, Comes in Pre-Cut Strips For Easy Application. StrengthTape provides support and stability for muscles, joints and tendons without limiting range of motion like a traditional brace. StrengthTape goes beyond the benefits of common athletic tape by infusing our Ion Health Technology. Studies suggest that ions may help you feel better and increase energy. 6 Pre-Cut Mini-Kits Include: Foot & Ankle Knee Shoulder Elbow & Wrist Back & Neck Thigh Pre-Cut Rolls: 5 meter rolls, 10" Pre-Cut Strips: Uncut Rolls: 35 meter rolls

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